3 min readSep 8, 2020

What is consciousness?

Firstly, i like to say that every living thing is consciousness, even plants! However, science says consciousness is a product of the brain and body. This is where science becomes unreliable.

Brain does not produce consciousness, but actually the other way around. Consciousness produces the brain, body and the physical world.

Consciousness is what we are actually deep within. Being conscious is an amazing gift to have. So appreciate your conscious life. Plants have consciousness to a certain degree too, to be able to move towards light and survive. However, consciousness is not in it’s full potential in a plant.

However, only through humans consciousness, it’s fully functioning to it’s maximum potential. For instance, consciousness produce the human mind and body as the medium to be conscious of consciousness itself!

Likewise, even mother earth is conscious of itself as a whole!

5 facts about consciousness!

  1. Consciousness is apart from your body and mind. It is also not the product of your body.
  2. Consciousness enables or turns on the mind and body, allowing it to function.
  3. Consciousness is known or experienced through the fuctioning of the mind and body.
  4. Consciousness is not limited by the mind or body. It exist apart from the mind and body too.
  5. Without the mind and body, consciousness exist, but cannot be felt or known.

How to define consciousness.

Imagine a white paper and you turn on a lamp focusing on that paper. For example, lets say that lamp is consciousness.

Now imagine your hand in between the lamp and the paper. You will see a shadow of your hand on the paper, right?

However, if you remove your hand, there is no shadow but there is still light on the paper. So, through my hand i can experience the light, but without my hand i cannot say light doesn’t exist. It still exist but cannot be felt.

Likewise, with the mind and body we can experience consciousness, but without the mind and body, consciousness still exist. In other words, mind and body is temporary, but consciousness is eternal.

Conscious evolution!

When we truly become conscious of the mind and body we become more powerful enough to be the master of our mind and body.

This way, we finally start evolving our consciousness to higher states, similar to an ape’s consciousness evolved into an advanced human consciousness through evolution.

We need to start spending time on this conscious source rather than dwelling with the mind and it’s desires.

The mind is not the guide, but a genie to attract what we want. Through meditation we bring down the mind’s control and make it work for us and not against us. Eventually, it becomes easy to make our reality the way we dreamt off! Stay blissed out!